Arena helps manufacturers design and produce products more sustainably. Arena’s cloud PLM software brings product information, people, and processes together into a single platform for more efficient product design and development, so your business can improve its efficiency and sustainability practices.

Arena provides a structured approach to managing the entire product record and meeting evolving product requirements. By combining components, files, drawings, and the complete BOM into a centralized cloud-based system, teams have access to the most current and accurate product information on hand.

Arena PLM lets extended teams and supply chain partners easily create, share, and approve product designs and gain greater visibility into any changes that impact production with revision controls and automated engineering change processes.

Arena helps manufacturers become more sustainable and more circular by:

  • Streamlining environmental compliance processes to get more environmentally conscious products to market
  • Managing information for RoHS, REACH, WEEE, conflict minerals, ISO, and other environmental compliance requirements
  • Integrating into component databases like SiliconExpert and Octopart to source sustainable parts
  • Enabling real-time collaboration between internal teams and supply chain partners to ensure design for manufacturability
  • Eliminating design and latest-build confusion to reduce costly scrap and rework or production delays

Create Value, Integrate Sustainability Into Your Innovation Strategy With Arena

Product companies can reduce the environmental impact of their physical products with a cloud-native solution like Arena that drives sustainability across the entire product lifecycle—from engineering to quality, to supply chain, to manufacturing.

Arena provides a centralized product record to help reduce design errors and scrap, enable global collaboration, provide visibility into the environmental impact of their product components, and accelerate time to market. Companies must adopt systems and processes to meet environmental initiatives to help our planet be more sustainable and to remain competitive.

We all have the power to create a more sustainable world. At Arena, we’re taking action to make a positive impact on the environment and the communities we’re a part of while developing solutions that help customers advance their product sustainability initiatives. Learn how Arena can help your company achieve efficient and sustainable product development practices. Get Demo