What is Training Record Management (TRM)?

Training Record Management Definition

Training record management (TRM), or training management, is a major element of quality management, compliance, regulatory practices, and even employee safety. In the context of the FDA, training is required by medical device manufacturers to ensure their employees have read and understood policies, standard operating procedures (SOPs), and related work instructions required for their individual roles. A training record management system enables an organization to effectively track, train, and ensure compliance to policies and procedures.


Why are training records important?

Training records ensure that employees are competent to perform their roles. Training systems and records help demonstrate the effectiveness of the training program, provide feedback for employee development, and contribute to the organization’s overall management approach. Training records are also required by some regulations and standards, such as ISO (e.g., 9000, 9001, 13485, 14001).

source: https://demo.jjkellertraining.com

What should be included in training records?

Training records are proof that certain individuals attended specific classes, read required policies and procedures (e.g., SOPs, work instructions). The training topic, the instructor’s name, the date, and the trainee’s name are typically tracked and recorded. Training records can also be used to assess the effectiveness of training programs. Ultimately, all training documentation should be kept current and updates as policies or processes evolve.

source: https://demo.jjkellertraining.com

How do you keep track of training records?

Quality management, compliance, and regulatory processes, as well as employee safety, all rely heavily on training record management. When evaluating your company’s ability to follow its specified business processes, auditors look for compliance around your training record management system. The majority of businesses have shifted to online training record management, utilizing software to better organize and track training and personnel.

Best Practice

Training record management is a requirement of quality management, compliance, and regulatory practices and critical to employee safety. Managing training in spreadsheets can present compliance risk and costly penalties.

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