What is Training Management

Training Management Definition

Training management, in the context of the FDA, requires that medical device manufacturers train employees regarding policies, standard operating procedures, and related work instructions required for each employee’s role. Organizations must document and demonstrate that employees are able to meet the requirements of their roles. ISO 13485:2016 further requires the demonstration of competency. A training management system enables an organization to effectively track, train, and ensure compliance to all required policies and procedures.

What is a Training Management


Why do we need training management system?

A training management system enables you to efficiently manage employee training plans and records from a single centralized system. It ensures that employees are trained and competent to complete their job responsibilities.

What are the benefits of a Training Management System?

A training management system enables organizations to:

  • Streamline audits
  • Improve product quality
  • Increase workforce flexibility
  • Reduce administrative overhead
  • Reduce compliance risks

Best Practice

Training record management is a requirement of quality management, compliance, and regulatory practices and critical to employee safety.

Managing training in spreadsheets can present compliance risk and costly penalties. Learn the seven benefits of automating your training record management.