Training Management

Train with Confidence and Compliance



Product companies today must maintain training compliance in both federally regulated and standards based environments subject to FDA, ISO, and OSHA. Failure to comply may result in fines, lost revenue, and occasionally business closure. For many organizations, managing training records is a secondary focus, but it must be done well to avoid compliance gaps and deliver quality products to market on time. An efficient, automated training management process supports your business as it evolves. Arena Training provides the best way to maintain training compliance while keeping your primary focus on delivering products that change the world.

Arena Training Management process illustration



Ensures Regulatory and Corporate Compliance
  • Leverages the compliant features in Arena’s core solutions with time- stamped audit trails, electronic signatures (FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant), and password management
  • Provides access and traceability for environments regulated by FDA, ISO, OSHA, SOX, and SOC
  • Simplifies audits with easy access to training plans, employee records, and training materials in a single system of record
Increases Effectiveness of your Training Program
  • Eliminates scanned documents and tracking spreadsheets
  • Places training, document, change control, and quality processes into a centralized system improving visibility, traceability, and efficiency
  • Administers quizzes to check training effectiveness and employee competence
  • Delivers progress metrics and training reports
Automates and Streamlines Training Process
  • Improves efficiency over manual, paper-based, or sole purpose training solutions with schedules, notifications, and retraining capabilities
  • Notifies users whenever training is required (e.g., revisions to existing procedures)
  • Increases training awareness via user-specific dashboards
Reduces Administrative Overhead and Cost
  • Easily assess training impact of changes to procedures, instructions, and policies
  • Reduces cost by replacing traditional, labor-intensive tracking practices (training matrices)
  • Connects training plans, employees, and product record to make both internal and external audits easier


With Arena Training, you can keep your primary focus on developing and delivering quality products. Don’t wait any longer. Start using Arena Training to remove training compliance barriers.

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All-In-One Training Management

Arena Training ensures regulatory and corporate compliance, increases effectiveness for training programs, and streamlines the training process. Leveraging Arena’s existing management of the product record and quality processes, you can create, manage, and track individual or rolebased group training plans. Training managers can easily identify training plans for all impacted employees and ultimately for the revision controlled policies, procedures (SOPs), work instructions, and other training materials in a single secure system – there’s no need to rely on a separate, disconnected training system.

Streamlined Compliance

You want to reduce your compliance risk, which is difficult to do with disparate systems. With Arena Training, you will benefit from automated training processes and increased visibility. Everyone – users, managers, and auditors – can quickly see training plans and progress by procedure, employee, training plan, or impacted product.

Proactive training compliance features provide even more oversight. In Arena Training, changes to document revisions automatically create new training assignments. Recurrence settings enable retraining activities on a specified schedule. Progress metrics, training reports, quizzes, and CFR Part 11 compliant “read and understood” signatures provide the traceability needed to be audit-ready.

Arena Training meets the needs of regulated companies and makes training compliance easier to monitor and manage.

Training with Confidence

With Arena Training Management, compliance in regulated and standards based environments has never been easier. Arena Training ensures you are always in compliance, can respond to audits easily, and have confidence that your employees are always trained on the latest policies, procedures, and work instructions.