What are Sustainable Products?

Sustainable Products Definition

Sustainable products are those that benefit society, the environment, and the economy over their entire lifecycle, from raw material extraction to final disposal, while also safeguarding human health and the environment.

Key characteristics of a sustainable product:

  • Product is made from renewable resources; it does not deplete our natural resources
  • Product production and distribution requires minimal energy consumption and minimizes waste
  • Recycling and reuse options are available
  • Safe working conditions and other socially responsible practices are used to manufacture the product
What are sustainable products?


What are five sustainable business practices?

Five sustainable business practices to consider:

  1. Eliminate paper usage
  2. Reduce energy consumption
  3. Reduce carbon footprint
  4. Include recyclable and biodegradable materials in product design and packaging
  5. Source raw materials responsibly
Why is sustainability so important?

Sustainability enhances our standard of living, safeguards our ecology, and protects natural resources for future generations. In the business world, sustainability is linked to an organization’s all-encompassing strategy that considers everything from customer service to manufacturing and logistics.

Why do consumers prefer sustainable products?

Consumers prefer sustainable products because they address their concerns around climate change. They want to invest in businesses and products that align with their values and priorities. Environmental stability is a priority for many of today’s consumers.

*Source: https://www.businessnewsdaily.com

What is an example of a sustainable company?

Instagrid is an example of a company that is focused on building a more sustainable future through its business practices and innovative off-grid portable battery systems.

*Source: https://www.arenasolutions.com


With tightening environmental legislation and shifting consumer preferences, there’s a greater push for companies to adopt sustainable product development practices and deliver eco-friendly products. Thus, many manufacturers are stepping up to the plate to help build a greener future and enhance our quality of life.

Learn how to streamline environmental compliance for sustainable product development.