What is Sustainable Development?

Sustainable Development Definition

Sustainable development is a strategy of driving growth while using resources efficiently. It takes into consideration the immediate and long-term well-being of our environment and people.

In business, the three pillars of sustainable development are:

  • Economic – The efficient and responsible use of resources results in long-term profitability and business viability
  • Environmental – Reducing waste and carbon footprints while maximizing energy efficiency helps to reverse negative impacts on the environment such as pollution and global warming.
  • Social – A focus on initiatives like employee safety, wellness, and diversity and inclusion supports the creation of healthier communities that can sustain themselves


What is the main aim of sustainable development?

The main objective of sustainable development is to protect the environment and reduce inequality and poverty.

*Source: https://www.naukri.com

What are the four concepts of sustainable development?

The four concepts of sustainable development are human, social, economic, and environmental.

Why is sustainable development important?

Climate change, water shortages, inequality, and hunger are just a few of the issues that must be addressed on a global scale in order to be overcome. Sustainable development is an effort to combine social advancement with environmental balance and economic growth.

Why are the four pillars of sustainability important?

The four pillars of sustainability provide a framework for long-term sustainable development where the capitals of the human, social, economic, and ecological systems are in the proper equilibrium.


With tightening environmental legislation and shifting consumer preferences, there’s a greater push for companies to adopt sustainable product development practices and deliver eco-friendly products. Thus, many manufacturers are stepping up to the plate to help build a greener future and enhance our quality of life.

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