What is SaaS PLM?

SaaS PLM Definition

SaaS PLM is a cloud-based product lifecycle management software. The software is based on a pay-as-you-go subscription model, which eliminates the large infrastructure expenses and upfront software purchases that are often associated with traditional on-premises software.

Product and quality processes are managed in a controlled and automated manner throughout the entire lifecycle with the help of SaaS PLM software. It integrates mechanical, electrical, and software designs into a single shared platform, allowing dispersed teams to work on the design before releasing the finished product to downstream systems.

Furthermore, SaaS PLM minimizes collaboration latency, data mistakes, and security challenges, resulting in faster product launches.


What is PLM software used for?

PLM software enables internal product teams and external supply chain partners to maintain and control all the data and processes that are tied to the product record throughout the entire lifecycle. This includes bills of materials (BOMs), documentation, drawings, engineering change orders (ECOs), quality records, and approved manufacturer/vendor lists (AMLs/AVLs). By aggregating the entire product record in a centralized system, dispersed teams can collaborate in real-time and efficiently execute new product development and introduction (NPDI) activities.

How is PLM used for project management?

PLM electronically tracks project deliverables and links them to the product record so that teams maintain visibility throughout the entire project and stay on schedule.

Is PLM a SaaS product?

Some cloud-based PLM solutions such as Arena are sold under a SaaS model, which eliminates infrastructure-related expenses and costly upfront software purchases with a pay-as-you-go subscription.

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