What are Manufacturing Work Instructions (MWI)?

Manufacturing Work Instructions Definition

Manufacturing work instructions (MWIs) refer to instructions or procedures that guide manufacturing teams to accurately build, package, label, and ship products to the required specifications. Having clear and accurate manufacturing work instructions is critical to avoid production mistakes, quality issues, scrap/rework, and customer satisfaction problems.


What should be included in work instructions?

Work instructions should include:

  • A clear title
  • Purpose
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to perform the job
  • Images, drawings, or flowcharts to help illustrate steps

*Source: https://gluu.biz

What is the meaning of standard work instruction?

Standard work instructions (SWI) are instructions that are specifically developed to assure process consistency, timeliness, and repetition. They’re printed sheets that are placed on tables or boards near the operator’s workstations.

*Source: https://www.rewo.io

Why are work instructions important?

Work instructions are essential for eliminating variation and allowing producers to meet demand while improving quality. Written job instructions are also an excellent training tool for new staff. When doing activities, standard work instructions ensure uniformity. Engineers can use them to determine the quality of a product and the length of time it takes to complete a task.

*Source: https://help.dozuki.com

How do you write standard work instructions?

The best work instructions make complex processes feel simple even when they really aren’t. Break down each phase of the process into its simplest components. Each step should include a bullet list of the individual actions that make up that stage. Work instructions not only standardize work but also help to prevent mishaps. It’s critical to strike a balance between words and graphics. Both should work together, but each should be descriptive enough to stand alone.

*Source: https://help.dozuki.com

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