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Terminator IV: The Quest to Save Thanksgiving

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TurkeyOn a chilly November San Francisco evening with the crisp smell of a recent storm still clinging to the air, two beings from the year 2050 emerged from a portal. One was the Terminator Model 101, a turkey that had a Mensa level IQ, advanced combat skills and deadly weaponry that made it one of the most deadly birds in the world. The other was a forward-thinking manufacturing operations manager sent back in time to rescue mankind.

The operations manager quickly met with executives of a set-in-its-ways product manufacturer. He passionately explained how turkeys in the future become self-aware and initiate a nuclear disaster to destroy all mankind to end Thanksgiving forever as retribution for the mindless slaughter of their kind for centuries. However, with the human resistance on the verge of victory, the turkeys sent the Terminator back in time as a last-ditch effort to stop the humans.

The operations manager presented the skeptical manufacturer with design specs brought with him from the future for the “Gobbler Stopper”—a sophisticated electronic device created to defeat this treacherous turkey. Unfortunately, without a product lifecycle management (PLM) system, the company’s sloppy manual design processes caused design confusion and delays. Because of this, the turkey gained a first mover’s advantage and destroyed the company’s entire extended supply chain team.

“This company didn’t believe me that this turkey had deadly advanced moves, and we needed to act fast to stop it,” said the operations manager. “Relying on archaic tools, such as Excel spreadsheets, and no meaningful form of next generation collaboration to alert their supply chain en masse, prevented this company’s dispersed manufacturing and engineering teams from sharing accurate product information. This led to frustrating version control problems, product errors and costly launch delays enabling that cursed bird to gain the upper wing.”

Fortunately, the operations manager finally found a manufacturer that understood both the imminent danger of the Terminator and the value of a cloud-based PLM system to streamline processes to reduce errors and build complex products fast.

This innovative new manufacturer self-implemented—without an array of consultants—Arena PLM BOMControl in less than ninety-six hours and began immediate designs on the Gobbler Stopper. As the company’s engineers worked, the operations manager annoyed them by droning on and on about how this yet-to-be-delivered product would help mankind rally the survivors and lead a resistance movement against this army of flightless fowls.

“Arena facilitated synchronization across the dispersed supply chain and enabled the company to quickly reduce ECO cycles and ensure quality,” said the operations manager. “With Arena PLM, I knew we could defeat the turkeys and save Thanksgiving.” He then struck a heroic, albeit self-conscious, pose with hands on hips and added, “This ends tonight!”

While the details of that fateful Thanksgiving eve are murky, here is what we have gathered from scattered eyewitness reports and glazed etchings from meat thermometers.

Sporting a totally sweet pair of New Wave sunglasses, the turkey took out a police station before tracking down the operations manager to the OEM’s facility to stop the product before its design could be completed. A chase ensued and the operations manager was wounded by the gobbler’s gunfire, but not before knocking the turkey off its motorbike.

The turkey was quickly struck by a gasoline tanker and dragged a short distance as bread stuffing, gravy and cranberry sauce emblematically spilled out onto the street. With the gruesome gobbler collapsed on the road now glazed and golden brown, the operations manager turned away. But as the Terminator emerged from the fire, waddling slowly in for the kill, the operations manager dramatically turned to reveal the Gobbler Stopper.

BLAMMO! The turkey was cooked and Thanksgiving saved.

Turns out Arena PLM BOMControl’s ability to reduce ECO cycle times through the NPI process allowed the weapon to be quickly designed to perfection just in the nick of time.

Humanity triumphed! Arena PLM ensures your ability to ship error-free products to market quickly so that turkeys and competitive threats will never get you down.