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Pinpointing the key to manufacturing success

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What can make or break a manufacturing company? According to Eric Larkin, co-founder and CTO of Arena Solutions, the answer is “how well it handles its product data.”

In the early 1990s, as CTO of an underwater video equipment manufacturer, Eric and his team used spreadsheets to manage their product data. But their market demanded frequent product updates, and it quickly became evident that Excel could not provide what they needed. Eric came to see that how well his company managed product information – especially the bill of materials (BOM) – was the critical factor in whether it would sink or swim. He made similar observations over and over again in subsequent organizations, and he also began to see the equally vital importance of having a way to share clean, complete product information with external partners.

When he couldn’t find a good solution for managing BOMs and sharing them with supply chain partners, the idea for BOM management in the cloud was born. In this new 4-minute video, Eric Larkin takes viewers on a quick trip through the “a-ha” moments that led to the founding of Arena. Enjoy!

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