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Good Design Controls Are Critical to Avoid FDA Issues

We recently sat down with a few medical device companies to discuss how they deal with FDA requirements around design controls. We will share their experiences in this three-part series, but first want to lay the foundation for the design control discussion. Medical device companies recognize that having an emphasis […]

Nov 5, 2019

Customization vs. Configuration: Which Approach Is Best?

Software vendors have always sought to provide highly adaptable solutions by allowing customization. Most vendors will claim that it’s easy to customize their solution. However, there are two different approaches. One approach involves the need to program or code (customization) and the other involves using a simple user interface that […]

Oct 17, 2019

Social Collaboration Pitfalls to Avoid During Product Development

There are many nimble, cloud-based tools on the market today. I love using Microsoft Teams to collaborate with anyone in my company instantly and Trello to manage marketing deliverables and projects. A variety of similar collaboration tools, including Asana and Slack, have also emerged to help teams interact and share […]

Oct 1, 2019

Listen Technologies’ Keys to Faster Product Development

Jeremy Timothy of Listen Technologies recently shared his experiences with Arena’s Scott Reedy during a webinar panel discussion focused on accelerating new product development. We wanted to share some of his noteworthy insights with our readers. Jeremy spent the last eight years as a Configuration Analyst and worked closely with […]

Sep 11, 2019

The Inside Scoop on Sonos’ Product Development Success

Sonos’ Julie Toscano recently sat down with Arena’s Scott Reedy to discuss best practices and share insights on how product lifecycle management (PLM) drives product development success. Julie has more than 20 years of electronic design and new product introduction (NPI) experience and over five years of PLM experience. Julie […]

Aug 29, 2019

eMagin’s Secrets to Product Development Success

We were pleased to have eMagin’s Director of Quality Assurance, Christine Pompa, share her experiences, challenges, and opportunities managing quality and continuous improvement with Arena’s Scott Reedy, Senior Director of Marketing at Arena. Christine and her team at eMagin moved to an automated system for product lifecycle management (PLM) to […]

Aug 14, 2019

How H2 PowerTech Accelerates Product Development Across the Globe

Today’s high tech electronics products are increasingly complex as they leverage hardware, electronics, and software. To create a single product might involve sourcing hundreds or thousands of components from multiple suppliers. Keeping a grasp on component information, continual product changes, and quality issues is difficult—especially with dispersed teams and silos […]

Jul 15, 2019