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When it Comes to NPI Project Management — Connectivity is King

Project Management IconArena realizes “connectivity” is one of the more underappreciated factors within project management to consider when OEMs determine how to bring products to market faster with reduced product error.

Connectivity is a theme of Arena’s Release with linking capabilities added to Arena Projects that OEMs can now use to connect with a number of their business systems, including enterprise resource planning (ERP), computer-aided design (CAD), electronic design automation (EDA), Software Bug Management System, Quality Systems or even document management systems, such as SharePoint.  Arena Projects’ enhanced linking capabilities enable OEMs to place it at the center of their suite of multi-software solutions and go-to-market tools to streamline process benefits.

Having only one version of the truth improves collaboration, visibility, and audit history

This is how it works. Arena Projects is a project management solution that allows users to create a URL link inside their project schedule in seconds within Arena Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). This enables Arena Projects to become the center of the action for all your complex new product introduction (NPI) processes. With Arena Projects, OEMs now have a centralized dashboard in their product lifecycle management (PLM) system that provides both visibility into system product records and related processes, as well as links to those records to further investigate influencers that can impact product designs.

Arena Projects is linked to the product record in Arena PLM and Arena QMS at all schedule levels, allowing global collaboration around items, changes, files, and tasks. Comprehensive reporting supports a generation of detailed project metrics across different product lines.

Why should you use Arena Projects? Just imagine the value you get by connecting your product record to a project schedule. Using our project management solution, project managers get detailed, flexible control of deliverables and visibility into project schedules, all while keeping their design partners and supply chain up to date. Arena Projects helps product companies:

  • Crush time to market goals
  • Increase change visibility
  • Control development investments

The potential value that a project solution can deliver depends upon the PLM system with which it integrates. And that’s another big reason why you should choose Arena Projects—no one knows PLM better than Arena.

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