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Why your innovation BOM belongs in PartsList

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As I mentioned on Tuesday, we’re doing a lot of thinking about the innovation BOM—a tool for conceptual design that provides organization to the innovation process.

The innovation BOM was developed out of a need to organize and empower design innovation. While most engineers keep their earliest lists of part options loosely strewn across several notebooks, emails and spreadsheets, thinking of these early ideas as the first iteration of a BOM, and storing them in a centralized, organized location, makes it easier to optimize and collaborate on your earliest ideas.

Typically, the only thing stopping most engineers from creating an innovation BOM is the lack of available tools. It’s tough to find a tool that helps you capture and save the part information you’re considering without also slowing you down. Fortunately, this is where PartsList can be a lifesaver—with PartsList, you can capture, organize and share design options without sacrificing speed and flexibility.

Napkins and spreadsheets have nothing on PartsList

When you’re deep in innovation mode, the last thing you need is to be slowed down by a formalized process, which is why you might gravitate to whiteboards, scratch pads, spreadsheets and quick emails to capture ideas during the innovative process.

But don’t scattered notes, disorganization and the resulting mistakes slow you down more than taking good notes in the first place? What if you could find a tool that kept you organized without adding any extra time to your design process? Wouldn’t that be the best case scenario?

That’s where PartsList comes into play.

PartsList is a cloud tool that automatically pulls documentation for the parts you’re considering in your designs, and ties your parts directly to availability information across multiple distributors so you can conduct component comparisons in seconds.

If you want better insight and control when designing, but don’t want to inhibit innovation, building an innovation BOM in PartsList can help, and make you a better engineer.

How PartsList makes innovating easy

If you’re starting a BOM from scratch, PartsList uses PartSaver, a simple web bookmarklet, to scrape part information as you’re browsing parts from distributor sites like DigiKey, Arrow and Avnet so you can view and organize it in your PartsList.  

Arrow PartSaver

And if you already have a running list of parts, you can import it into PartsList and instantly fill in any critical documentation gaps about components using PartsList’s Autofill feature. PartsList searches the web for part information, and pulls part information and datasheets with one click, so you can avoid the hassle of copying and pasting part information into a spreadsheet.

Simply fill in your innovation BOM with manufacturer and manufacturer part number, and Autofill will do the rest.

PartsList Autofill

Whether you’re creating a BOM from scratch, or completing an ECAD BOM, when you’re ready to share your innovation BOM with others, it’s simple to export your data as a PDX or CSV file. 

Export partsList

The innovation stage is one of the most exciting phases of design and product development, and it shouldn’t be slowed down by scattered ideas and misplaced notes. PartsList makes it easy to capture and compare a variety of parts for your innovation BOM. And with all this information in one place, you can select parts with optimal availability and cost and spend more time on what matters—your design. 

Create your own innovation BOM in Arena PartsList for free today!

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