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What We Do

Arena provides a critical foundation for your product processes by bringing the entire, complex product record—mechanical, electrical, software, and documentation—together into a single system. We eliminate product development silos to improve collaboration between internal teams and supply chain partners.

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How We Deliver Value

The world is getting smaller. Competition is increasing at light-speed and products are becoming more complex as they connect devices, people, and systems. This requires solutions that bring your entire development, quality, and production teams together to ensure everyone is working on the right design at the right time. Arena eliminates barriers, reduces costs, and increases profitability to deliver high-quality products to market fast.

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Product Lifecycle Management Capabilities

BROAD PARTNER ECOSYSTEM. Business-ready integrations connect your enterprise systems.

Arena PLM delivers these strategic benefits:

Shorten time to market

Streamline supply chain collaboration

Improve product decision-making

Ensure products work as designed

Reduce cost

Eliminate product confusion

Over 1,300 companies in more than 80 countries rely on
Arena to deliver innovative products to market fast.


We get terrific feedback from the give and take of the review process. Indeed partners have provided feedback that helped us avoid making unnecessary, confusing or costly changes.

David Sangster | Senior VP of Operations, Nutanix

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