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Arena Drives Suppliers in the Transportation Industry

silver-carArena’s cloud-based product lifecycle management (PLM) solution helps some of the top automotive and transportation industry manufacturers manage product complexity. Not so much the tier-1 auto OEMs per se, rather the thousands of innovative high tech product companies that sell to them.

We recently completed a third-party survey to discover what transportation electronic product suppliers had to say about Arena PLM. Here is a shortlist of customers that shared insight about Arena PLM’s ability to streamline manufacturing processes.

Aperia Technologies makes a revolutionary automatic tire inflation system for trucks and trailers that bolts on in minutes to increase fuel efficiency and extend tire life.

Aperia’s main product is the Halo Tire Inflator, a bolt-on device with a small internal pump driven by the rotation of a wheel. Cool product name, huh? It is designed to replenish or adjust pressure loss resulting from minor leaks, leaky valve stems, seepage, and temperature compensation.

Here’s what Aperia Technologies Engineer Roget Ratchford had to say about Arena:

“I have used the software heavily for well over a decade and have watched the company listen to and implement nearly every one of our feature requests.”

So what have been the results of using Arena PLM? According to Roget, Arena PLM has “Improved product quality and ECO cycle time between 51% – 75%.”

Another company that uses Arena PLM is Air International Thermal Systems. The Air International group is a tier-1 supplier of a myriad of products: heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), seat systems, steering systems, metal pressings, fabrication, modular assemblies, rail and bus HVAC systems to the world’s automotive industry.

As Air International’s need to meet demands of ever-shortening product life cycles in the industry has grown, Arena PLM has met these needs with continued solution expansion, even anticipating new supply chain requirements and challenges, all within the multi-tenant SaaS cloud-based, easy-to-expand architecture that originally attracted Air International to Arena PLM.

Here’s what Air International Business Director Michael Repetto says about Arena: “Arena gave Air International the freedom to source globally, which led us to contract with Chinese manufacturers who provide injection mold tools at 33 to 50 percent less than traditional manufacturers. Plus, they delivered them 20 to 33 percent faster. On a complete air conditioning project, this can result in significant savings of at least hundreds of thousands of dollars, which significantly affects our ability to provide competitive quotations.”

VOXXHirschmann designs, manufactures, and custom installs “best-in-class” audio, entertainment, and convenience solution for the makers of the world’s most desired vehicles.

Here’s what VOXXHirschmann Engineer Eric Sanders had to say about Arena PLM. “It’s great, very user friendly and I have appreciated the features and believe the cross-functional interactive portions are invaluable…” Eric went on to say that Arena PLM had “Improved: time to market 75%-100%, product quality 75%-100%, and ECO cycle time 75%-100%; additionally they witnessed over 100% improvement in supply chain collaboration.

Aperia Technologies, Air International, and VOXXHirschmann are just a few examples of automotive manufacturers that trust Arena PLM to help them reduce ECO cycle times and get to market fast. To learn more how Arena PLM helped Air International achieve success, click here to read Air International’s case study.