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All PLM Clouds Are Not Created Equal

Unbalanced-balanceWhile all people are created equal—the same can’t be said about all so-called ‘cloud’ product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions.

Fake cloud PLM providers often have third parties host their on-premise solutions. This guarantees the worst of both worlds; the high cost of an on-premise solution complicated with access delays consistent with a solution hosted halfway across the world.

If your ‘cloud’ PLM platform isn’t multi-tenant, then you don’t have a true thoroughbred cloud PLM solution.

In CIMdata’s 2015 analyst report, “All PLM Clouds Are Not Created Equal,” you’ll learn the important difference between a real and a fake PLM cloud solution.

The report lists the following key benefits provided by hosts in a world-class multi-tenant cloud solution:

  • Maintaining a full operations team, a dedicated security team, and a dedicated backup team.
  • Conducting testing and validation of solutions in cooperation with the product development team for scalability, security, and standards.
  • Performing upgrades on a regular schedule minimizing data migration issues and system downtime.
  • Providing disaster recovery including distinctly separate data centers in multiple geographic regions to properly support maintaining uptime in the event of a localized natural disaster.

In a recent Business-Software Top 10 PLM Report Arena ranks as one of the most affordable PLM solutions — that’s because Arena is the only true cloud-based PLM solution mentioned. How can a company like Arena offer a product with an incredibly robust feature-set and the largest customer supply-chain ecosystem in the industry, all at a fraction of the competition’s cost?

Because Arena offers a true—not a fake—cloud solution.

Arena’s cloud-based platform has enabled us to build the largest cloud PLM solution in the world with a customer base fast approaching 1000 with tens of thousands of users — in 79 countries all around the globe. With the cloud, a single multi-tenant architecture enables economies of scale that cannot be delivered via on-premise, hosted, or even isolated tenant solutions. Upgrades, updates, and security patches are made simultaneously across our entire customer base. Whether you are adding ten seats or ten thousand.  This avoids the need to perform costly individual customer configurations. Because of this, marginal costs are significantly lower, which then also lowers the price our customers pay.

Our customers state Arena is not only the most affordable PLM solution on the market, but the easiest to implement. Last year this was the number one reason cited in our survey for purchasing. Using Arena’s PLM cloud-based software means the need for costly, lengthy IT implementation and ongoing maintenance are removed. The solution is up in days —not months.

Bottom line: a fake cloud solution’s cost and performance delays can erode speed and move focus away from the core business and dilute it for an innovative product company. Download this CIMdata Tier 1 analyst report today to secure deep technical knowledge on the matter and learn the difference between the contenders and the pretenders.