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Product Innovators Share Their Secrets

Product Innovators

Inside this dossier are classified interviews with elite product development innovators from product sectors like high tech, consumer electronics, medical devices, and IoT. I had the privilege to speak with them and find out how they do what they do so well.

These agents of innovation have emerged from the shadows to share how they achieved product development success. Following our dark room and bright lights interrogation, we discovered how:

  • Nutanix shortened product concept to cash cycle by 50% and eliminated all BOM errors
  • Nimble Storage shrank engineering change order cycle times dramatically and gained 24×7 global access to suppliers
  • Blast Motion reduced delays by 50% and product errors by 75%
  • Swan Valley Medical streamlined and strengthened audit processes, dramatically lowering ECO mistakes and reduced resources needed to manage compliance
  • Air International reduced parts costs by 10%, ensured savings of $115,000 in change, implementation and outsourced manufacturing costs in first year and lowered amount of time it takes to procure supplier quotations by 20%