Is Your Part Numbering Scheme Costing You Millions?

Best Practices for Part Numbering

Beyond Part Numbering

PLM and QMS systems enable manufacturers and suppliers to create, maintain, share, and collaborate around the entire product record. Products today are comprised of complex electronics, software, and sensors making it critical to have a single system for managing the entire product record.

Beyond Part NumberingPurpose-built systems like Arena PLM and Arena QMS help you create new parts, assemblies (aka bills of materials or BOMs), change orders (ECOs), quality records (CAPAs, CARs, SCARs, etc.), and more.

Part assignment and management are a minor part of creating and releasing new products to market. Arena provides connected part record details that link parts to past and pending revisions via ECOs. And, it provides connected relationships to all where-used assemblies via BOM management along with traceability to any outstanding quality issues.

Teams can easily import mechanical, electrical, and software designs into PLM or QMS systems and use business-ready integrations that are designed to help engineering teams design and share their designs with other teams outside of engineering.

These systems provide for easy and automated part numbering (intelligent or nonintelligent schemes) that avoid reliance on tribal knowledge. Once created, all teams can search for and use the right parts at the right time without traditional issues caused by manual paper-based numbering logs or homegrown siloed numbering databases.