How IoT Is Changing the Face of Innovation

Connected Device Manufacturing Requires Controlled and Collaborative Product Development

Collaborative, Connected Device Manufacturing

Connected Device Manufacturing

The best way to manage the sophisticated product development for IoT devices is through a holistic approach that brings the entire product and quality record together into a single system. When design, testing, development, quality, and compliance are managed together, it dramatically reduces product mistakes and supply chain manufacturing issues.

IoT-connected smart devices are changing the way we live. Manufacturers that struggle to keep up with technological advances will have a difficult time meeting consumer requirements and demand. The best way to ensure companies can develop and launch high-quality solutions is to have a single cloud solution that brings everyone together and keeps them on the same page throughout product development and new product introduction.

Arena invented Cloud PLM and has extended solutions to QMS to address the needs of high-tech, consumer electronics, medical device, and biotechnology companies. The new product innovation paradigm requires today’s innovators to move from single products to connected platforms. So, whether you are just beginning to introduce IoT solutions or striving to expand your connected, smart products further—consider what over 1,400 global companies already know. They trust and rely on Arena to streamline their product development processes and deliver great products on time.