A Roadmap to EV Commercialization and Compliance Success

A Guide for Electric Vehicle Innovators

Achieving EV Compliance and NPDI Success With Arena


Cloud-native solutions like Arena PLM bring the essential product development processes into a single platform. From design files and bills of materials (BOMs) to engineering changes, quality records, and employee training—everything is connected so that teams can collaborate and work more diligently to meet their NPDI targets.

How Arena PLM Helps:

  • EV Graphic-Mechanical, Software, Electrical, SensorsStreamlines product development
    Automated processes and revision controls are applied to BOMs and documents to ensure that everyone is always accessing the latest product information. The ability to easily manage and track design changes, product requirements, compliance information, and team deliverables enables manufacturers to address issues quickly and launch products on schedule.
  • Enhances supply chain collaboration
    With direct, permissions-based access to the latest product information, suppliers are empowered to provide input and share cost-saving alternatives to help OEMs optimize designs and stay on budget.
  • Aggregates entire product design
    By combining sensors, software, mechanical, and electrical components into one shared system, everyone on the team can detect design errors or quality issues early on. This helps drive interoperability and ensures that customer requirements are being met prior to commercialization.
  • Graphic showing environmental compliance and product compliance linked like puzzle piecesSimplifies environmental and product compliance
    Teams can electronically manage and track compliance evidence of their components for environmental regulations such as RoHS, REACH, WEEE, and conflict minerals. Integration with online component databases provides current information for electronic component market availability and compliance status.

To ensure compliance with quality systems, like ISO, Arena connects the product design and quality record in a single unified system to easily manage corrective actions, customer complaints, standard operating procedures (SOPs), employee trainings, and other quality processes while keeping product and quality teams on the same page.

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Arena is now part of the product design culture at FreeWire and acts as the brain of our product development infrastructure with other systems working around it. As people become more comfortable with the solution and stop relying on shared drives and other older silos of information, Arena becomes the answer and single source for finding all product information. If information is in Arena, we know it can be trusted.

—Scott Bartlett, Director of Mechanical Engineering

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