Powerful Solutions That Together Drive Product Success


Product companies and manufacturers need different ways to build connections so they are not dependent on one method. By integrating various systems and processes, businesses can improve their efficiency, reduce errors, and improve collaboration between teams. Integration can also provide greater visibility into business processes, better decision-making capabilities, and the flexibility to scale your operations as your business grows.

A flexible integration enables companies to get to market faster, scale with the business, and reach their product realization goals. A cloud-native PLM solution is the perfect option if you want a system that can be deployed quickly and provides flexible integration options. It scales with your business demands, unlike traditional on-premises PLM solutions that necessitate hardware, software, virtual private networks (VPNs), and other costly IT infrastructure.

Companies should consider the integration options of a PLM software solution such as application programming interfaces (APIs) and no-code integration. PLM integration is helping product developers and manufacturers integrate their existing legacy and new technologies into a dynamic ecosystem that offers:

  • Enhanced collaboration across the company
  • Decreased product scrap and rework
  • Reduced costs
  • Better efficiency/streamlined operations
  • Improved accuracy and product quality
  • Accelerated time to market
  • Increased customer satisfaction

Cloud-native platforms enable PLM vendors to deliver frequent software updates. This decreases your total cost of ownership (TCO) by eliminating typical upgrade expenses and revision-locking caused by customer customization.

Cloud-native technology, especially for small to midsized businesses, enables companies to “switch on” and pay for only the functionality they need. As businesses grow, a simple “flip of a switch” adds more PLM capabilities. Plus, cloud systems are easier to use and offer more affordable pricing models, in addition to reducing IT overhead.

The cloud-native information management makes it easier for companies of any size to handle the complexities of the entire product record. Remote teams, suppliers, or customers can easily participate in product development. Collaboration is more efficient when information resides in a singular secure place where everyone on the team has access regardless of geographic location.

When working in a cloud-native environment, team members can easily access and collaborate on product information in real time, which improves communication and productivity. Integration with ERP makes it simple to include manufacturing in the early stages of design. Enabling early cross-functional collaboration helps avert downstream problems and fosters teamwork rather than frustration between departments.

Cloud-native solutions provide a transformative approach for companies striving to remain adaptable, robust, and competitive in the digital world. Companies can benefit from increased operational effectiveness, cost savings, and the capacity for quick innovation by tapping into the power of the Cloud while guaranteeing high service availability and security standards.

Powerful Solutions That are Helping Businesses Transform Product Development

With the escalation of digital transformation, traditional product development from concept to commercialization is accelerating faster than ever. ERP and PLM systems can integrate seamlessly and enable your teams to work with better efficiencies, seamless transparency, realtime updates, and ubiquitous collaboration.

Product development teams and manufacturers now have more control when it comes to lowering costs and delivering smarter products. Factories are operating at higher levels of efficiency and performance by reducing scrap and waste as well as finding new ways to implement sustainable processes.

Arena’s cloud-native PLM solution can integrate with ERP to streamline product development and manufacturing processes while providing new and enhanced support for the product lifecycle.

Learn how leading product companies like Nutanix, Haltian, and AMP benefited from integrating Arena PLM with their ERP system to accelerate product development processes.