Autonomous, Connected & Interactive:

Technologies Defining the Next Wave of Product Innovation

What’s Next

What's Next in VR

We’ve shared these many technical innovations both to inspire and encourage you in your own innovation journey. As products continue to get smarter, even to the point of autonomy, they will necessarily become more complex, combining mechanical, electrical, software, and firmware components in ever more sophisticated ways. Not only do these components need to work in unison, but they will increasingly be designed by dispersed teams and depend on collaborative, global supply chains.

To manage this complexity and support continuous product innovation, companies need a single, secure source of truth. This is the only way to ensure that all departments—from engineering to quality to manufacturing—are aligned and working together, from start to finish.

Solving complex product development issues is what Arena was designed for.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Arena prepared this brief as part of an effort to shed light on the innovation process for forward-looking companies. Given the unprecedented disruption currently confronting all businesses, we revisited this document to see what elements required modification to align with the new circumstances. While it is impossible to take full measure of COVID-19’s impact, we believe the initial brief retains its relevance in today’s climate. Our hope is that you and your company will find it valuable as you find a way forward and bring new visions to light