Audit Resilience in a Virtual World

A Practical Guide

Better Remote Audit Practices

Document Your Remote Audit Procedures

Consider the audit plan so you know every outcome can be met remotely. Design a procedure to simplify and optimize the audit time. Choose the screenshare software and determine how to orient the auditor on that platform. Refine your procedures by incorporating lessons from an internal remote audit.

Manage All Products to the Strictest Regulation

You need to comply with a wide variety of regulations that address different goals: safety, quality, environment. And, for every country where you market your product, you need to comply with their unique regulations. Make a compliance matrix of all these regulations and manage to the strictest one.

“Morey Corporation must comply with quality, safety, and environmental regulations that vary based on industry, geography, and year. In addition, we must comply with our customers’ unique set of standards. Our customers benefit because we manage our entire operation to the most stringent levels of regulation.”

– Ginger Butz, Director, Sales Operations, The Morey Corporation