Audit Resilience in a Virtual World

A Practical Guide

Best Remote Audit Practices

Extend Compliant Online Processes to Your Supply Chain

Best Remote Audit PracticesWhen partners play a key role in your product’s lifecycle, your product’s environmental, safety, and quality compliance depends on your partners’ compliance. Make compliance part of your supplier selection process. Include partners in your compliant online processes and audit them to make sure you can provide evidence that they are compliant as well.

“At Hyalex, Arena facilitated us to remain compliant with our processes and convert to 100% remote overnight. Additionally, we were able to use the training feature to quickly train on new procedures including new COVID operating procedures to allow re-entry.”
– Richard Balano, VP of Quality at Hyalex

Be Ready for New Regulations

A new situation, like a pandemic, a new industry, or a new geography, leads to new regulations. Even if these factors remain constant, established regulations change over time. Practice for audit. Train new team members on the processes. Test the training. Schedule a regular review of your regulations to find changes and adjust your processes as needed.

Challenge Read“In a post-pandemic market, the companies that thrive will be the ones that are resilient, fully digitized and understand how to drive sustainability and business harmony, regardless of economic conditions.”

– Sylvain Guyoton, Senior VP of Research, EcoVadis