Project Management

Streamlines Project Execution



Project Management graphic-Deliver, Define, Create, CollaborateA new project often begins with a great deal of energy and excitement, but sustaining a strong start is nearly impossible when relying on traditional project management tools that are disconnected from the product record. Stale project management information means poor project execution. Delivering innovative products fast requires effective cross-functional team collaboration. Your product release processes must be closely linked to project execution. Internal teams and partners must deliver on interrelated project tasks and deliverables to meet targeted milestones on time. Arena Projects is designed for today’s businesses to help streamline project management. With Arena, you can track project progress through customizable phases, assignable milestones, and tasks, in-context with the product record and release processes.


Key Benefits

What AreNA Projects Does

Speeds Product Development
  • Accelerates new product introduction and product enhancements
  • Meets team work habits with automatic notifications when tasks are assigned
  • Provides easy to create, view, and manage phase-gate project processes
Connects to the Product Record and Related Processes
  • Unites project execution to relevant product processes, including engineering changes, product requirements, defects, and issues
  • Provides two-way visibility between product record and project deliverables
  • Enhances visibility with immediate status updates and project progress
Empowers Team
  • Aligns team around tasks, phase-gates, and milestones
  • Enables collaboration internally and with global supply chain partners
  • Reports on project data to assess and analyze effectiveness


Product development projects span new product introduction (NPI), new feature releases, and cost reductions—requiring dispersed teams to stay on the same page. Managing and driving product-related projects to completion has never been easier with Arena Projects. Arena simplifies project management for your teams by connecting projects directly to the product record. With Arena Projects, you can streamline project execution to release innovative products that change the world. Don’t wait any longer. Start using Arena Projects today.

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When you connect project deliverables to the product record—everyone can see what is happening with the product now and in the future. With visibility, you stay on-task and on-time. When releasing new features, you may have assembly instructions, test specifications, packaging, and other documents that must be updated. With Projects, it’s all in Arena. Your project tasks are linked to the product record of documents, items, and parts to ensure everything that needs to be done is done—with the accountability and audit trail you need.

Ease Of Use

Easy to review and understand status of phase-gate projects. Every project has assignable tasks and milestones connected to the product record including bills of materials (BOMs), assembly instructions, engineering change orders, and product specifications. As a project manager, you can see not only how close the task is to completion, but access and view the deliverable itself.


Get your teams working together on project execution. Engineering, operations, external partners, and other groups can all view the phases, tasks, and milestones of the project. They can also see the deliverables tied to the product record. Impacted teams can view critical information about affected parts or products—including changes, assemblies, quality actions, requirements, defects, SOPs, and suppliers—from any related project, product, or change record.


Create project templates and then use them to quickly launch a project plan. Modify the new plan to meet your needs right now. Reuse project plans that have worked in the past, so your next product launch will be as successful as the last one.


Maintain a complete history of projects related to the product, including NPI, new feature releases, cost reduction, and end of life (EOL) information. Gain enhanced visibility with access to the complete product record throughout