What is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)?

Original Equipment Manufacturer Definition

An original equipment manufacturer (OEM) typically describes a company that designs a product, but then licenses it out to a manufacturer (contract manufacturer) to produce. As an example, the Apple iPhone was designed by Apple and then licensed to Foxconn to produce the product.

What is an Original Equipment Manufacturer


What is an OEM manufactured product?

OEM products are goods that can be sold to another company and used to build a new finished product under their brand name. Auto parts are examples of OEM goods that are sold to car manufacturers to build a final product.

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What is the difference between OEM and original parts?

Original or genuine parts are components that are included in the product when it is first built at the factory. OEM parts are designed and produced by the original manufacturer; however, they are typically used as replacement parts.

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What is the difference between OEM and ODM?

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) design and produce a product according to their specifications and then contract with another company for mass production. Original design manufacturers (ODMs), on the other hand, design and build products that can be private-labeled by customers.

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