What is Mechanical CAD Software (MCAD)?

Mechanical CAD Software Definition

Mechanical CAD (MCAD), also referred to as mechanical design automation (MDA), software enables mechanical engineers to create product designs with accurate and detailed technical drawings (2D or 3D models), and specifications for engineering and manufacturing. MCAD output will convey information including materials, processes, dimensions, and tolerances for hardware or mechanical structures. MCAD software is used across many industries including high-tech or consumer electronics, automotive, and medical devices.

What is Mechanical CAD Software


What CAD software do mechanical engineers use?

PTC Creo, SOLIDWORKS, and AutoCAD are examples of 3D modeling CAD software solutions that are used heavily in the mechanical engineering and design industries.

Why is CAD software important in mechanical engineering?

CAD software provides the quality, accuracy and precision that is required for engineers to develop new designs. It eliminates the need for engineers to start from scratch whenever they need to make modifications. Instead, they can reuse elements from previous revisions and isolate, analyze and redesign individual components. CAD software also enables engineers to analyze their designs through simulations and identify strengths and weaknesses prior to production.

*Source: https://www.scan2cad.com

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