What is a 3D Viewer?

3D Viewer Definition

A 3D viewer is a visualization tool that allows engineering and design teams to explore and validate 3D models of product designs using computer-aided design (CAD) software, 3D scanning, or other modeling techniques.

Within the 3D environment, users can rotate, pan, and zoom to examine models from various perspectives and examine their intricate details. Some 3D viewers provide additional features, such as measurement tools, rendering options, and annotation capabilities to enhance the user experience and facilitate collaboration.

Product lifecycle management (PLM) systems with a built-in 3D CAD viewer enables internal product teams and external supply chain partners to easily share and review 3D CAD product designs and resolve issues quickly before releasing the final version to production. This expedites cross-functional design reviews and approvals.

3D rendering of rotating phone case

View, Validate, and Access 3D CAD Models

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