What is Configuration Management (CM)?

Configuration Management Definition

Configuration management (CM) describes a set of related processes, management techniques, and supporting tools to establish and maintain consistency of a product’s performance. CM enacts the policies, procedures, techniques, and tools that help teams manage, review, and track the status of changes. The CM process is used frequently by military engineering organizations to manage changes throughout the product lifecycle for complex defense systems.


What is configuration management example?

The practice of keeping computer systems, servers, and software in a desired, consistent state is an example of configuration management. Configuration management is all about preventing problems so that you don’t have to deal with them later. You may, for example, ensure that your test and production settings are identical. You’ll have less issues with applications once they’ve been deployed this way than you would if the environments weren’t identical. Because you know what exists in the original environment, configuration management allows you to correctly recreate an environment with the necessary configurations and applications.

*Source: https://www.redhat.com

What is included in configuration management?

Configuration management includes:

  • Planning: Outlining project-specific procedures and identifying roles and responsibilities
  • Identification: Identifying all components of the final product
  • Control: Ensuring that all changes to items are revision-controlled
  • Status Reports: Providing updates on outstanding deliverables throughout the duration of the product lifecycle
  • Audit: Ensuring that all processes are working as they should with the implementation of changes

Source: https://www.parallelprojecttraining.com

What is configuration management in project management?

The practice of tracking and regulating changes to critical project documents and products is known as project configuration management. The deliverables of the project, as well as project management documents such as the timeline, are included. The configuration management strategy identifies anything that has to be tracked through the project change control system.

Source: https://www.projectengineer.net

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