From securing the best pricing to creating a strategy that works for each of your product lines, companies that outsource their manufacturing face a myriad of challenges.

But these challenges don't have to feel overwhelming. Through years of working with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and contract manufacturers(CMs), Arena has identified trends and industry best practices associated with success in outsourced manufacturing, and complied our knowledge into our latest Manufacturing Outsourcing eBook.

For each scenario, this eBook identifies business considerations that may impact your decision-making process, the risks and benefits for each choice, and tips for making your chosen strategy work for you. With the tips and advice in this eBook, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) will be equipped for long-term success in manufacturing outsourcing.

This eBook will help you address four common outsourcing decision points with confidence:

How much of your production process should you outsource?

Two ways to lower supply chain costs- which is right for you?

Can you optimize your production for multiple product lines?

Should you move your manufacturing closer to customers?

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