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Turn Disruptive Change into a Competitive Advantage

Product ChangeThe high tech industry is undergoing a sweeping transformation. This has meant an increasingly competitive market with more pressure to perform but also introduces new business opportunities.

Game-changing innovations in complex electronic components require smart product lifecycle management (PLM) and quality management solution (QMS) tools that allow design and manufacturing companies at all points in the supply chain to change product design directions and turn execution on a dime.

Companies without the vision and tools to respond to change and adopt new technologies quickly could lose in this competitive high tech market whose pace of change is breathtaking. When a radical new technology appears—or a critical component slams up against an unanticipated EOL—can you turn at the drop of the hat to source an alternative part?

Arena’s product development platform connects QMS and PLM along with Arena Supplier Item Lookup for Octopart and SiliconExpert. This integration works with industry-leading component database partners and easily allows you to find alternatives for hard-to-source parts, while giving you the flexibility to write a deviation for the period of disruption.

When component change occurs there’s a rapid engineering effort necessary to incorporate, source and purchase the component with associated downstream “ripple” changes in manufacturing line/tooling, cut-ins, and the production floor. And, of course, there’s also the arduous task of dealing with scrap and rework, marketing, and servicing.

The impact of changing a component on product design is the quintessential example of the butterfly effect in which change at one place in a nonlinear system, ripples through and can result in large differences in a later state. Arena provides the butterfly net that enables OEMs to capture and embrace radical technological change to keep product designs from fluttering out of control.

Arena’s cloud-based product development platform enables OEMs to design, plan, and execute with the flexibility to be nimble, make changes quickly and implement based upon supply chain availability, increased competition, and consumer demand. By minimizing costly product errors and shipping delays—especially for a sector with complex products and frequently changing parts, such as batteries—Arena’s cloud platform helps companies get to market first, stake a claim over a larger market share and maximize profits.

For over a decade, Arena’s cloud-based PLM has enabled a diverse range of high tech companies to adopt disruptive changes seamlessly into changing product designs. Arena helps innovative companies streamline product development processes across a globally distributed supply chain to reduce time to market and maximize new product introduction (NPI).

So, when a radical change in the consumer electronics industry appears, will you have the right product development platform to make sure your company can pivot effortlessly and change product design directions to scale when the market demands it? Arena streamlines your processes to turn today’s radical disruptive changes into the “next big thing.”