Supplier Item Lookup with Octopart

Reduce Risk in Your Supply Chain with Supplier Component Visibility



Gain visibility into critical component details across your entire product. Design right the first time with compliance and market availability knowledge. Reduce risk of shipment delays, increased product costs and overall product quality.

Arena Supplier Item Lookup with Octopart screen capture



BOM Component Health Visibility Within the Product Record
  • Identify and mitigate risk factors quickly within the system your company uses daily, reducing shipment delays and increased product costs down the line
Market Availability
  • Quickly respond to component availability issues across your BOM
Compliance Knowledge On-Demand
  • With access to component compliance documentation within Arena, save time and valuable team resources and ensure higher product quality

What it Does

Arena Supplier Item Lookup gives access to current electronic component market availability and compliance information across the entire product BOM—in a single view. In Supplier Item Lookup, you can easily search for components in the Octopart component database. The BOM Lookup view displays current availability from authorized suppliers and availability of component documentation. Users can drill down to each component to quickly access detailed information including availability, compliance status, cross references, product change notification, component data sheets and compliance documentation—all without ever leaving Arena.


With Supplier Item Lookup for Octopart, you can eliminate component issues and eliminate product development delays. To find out how you can join our community of innovative customers, contact [email protected] or call 1.866.937.1438.



See market availability of all BOM components easily in one view, allowing for quick identification of issues in availability, risk, and compliance that can cause disruptions in production. Quickly obtain the latest component information to ship quality products on time.

The Company

Reduce supply chain risk with visibility of critical components across the entire product, avoiding costly supplier delays. Improve product quality throughout the lifecycle and ship products on time. Avoid gaps in component and material compliance evidence. Meet ever increasing global regulations.


  • Provides the ability to view component market availability, datasheets, and compliance information within Arena.
  • Enables engineering and sourcing teams to review BOM and part level supplier item lookups. Displays results in BOM view that includes market availability, pricing, and compliance documents.
  • Allows quick access to component data sheets as well as compliance certificates for RoHS, REACH, materials declarations and conflict minerals directly from the Arena BOM view, eliminating the need to search multiple