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SiliconExpert & Arena Join Forces to Reduce Data Risk With a Powerful New PLM Database Combo

Arena SiliconexpertArena recently integrated Arena PLM with SiliconExpert Technologies’ extensive electronic components information database. As a result, Arena PLM customers can now perform proactive health and risk assessments on all components within the BOM (bill of materials) and leverage their subscription to SiliconExpert’s deep and richly documented components database.

To discuss the value that this partnership offers OEMs, we interviewed SiliconExpert Technologies’ Marketing Manager, Amanda Martin.

Arena: What’s unique about SiliconExpert? 

Amanda: SiliconExpert Technologies’ electronic parts database is one of the most accurate, comprehensive and current in the industry covering 250 million electronic components in hundreds of product lines from over 12,000 manufacturers. SiliconExpert’s customer base includes leading commercial and government OEMs, top-tier authorized distributors, contract manufacturers and component suppliers.

SiliconExpert prides itself in being a domain expert. We have over 300 engineers dedicated to providing the most comprehensive and current data in the industry. The value of our electronic component database and tools is our ability to both acquire data and maintain it.

Arena: Describe SiliconExpert’s relationship with Arena. 

Amanda: This is a great relationship that makes perfect sense to us as well as the value add it will give to both of our customers. Our customers will clearly benefit from having quick access to all the information you need about their parts list all without leaving Arena and having the ability to leverage Arena’s tools. It is great that both solutions can be leveraged in one location and really complement each other as well as they do.

Arena: How will SiliconExpert and Arena benefit OEMs?

Amanda: This integration gives always current access to electronic component market availability, compliance, and risk information across the entire product BOM. Customers can easily search part information by leveraging their SiliconExpert subscription with the results displayed directly in the PLM BOM view. The view displays BOM health and risk, giving you the ability to drill down to each component to quickly access detailed information including lifecycle, multi-sourcing, compliance and availability.

Arena: What challenges does SiliconExpert and Arena help solve? 

Amanda:  SiliconExpert’s integration with Arena allows mutual SiliconExpert and Arena customers to leverage their SiliconExpert subscription right inside their PLM tool, giving them the power of SiliconExpert in an easy to use, all in one location format.

Arena: What are some of the most important benefits of this relationship that companies may be surprised to discover?

Amanda: It allows transparency between two vital tools for supply chain risk mitigation and visibility for a company.

Arena: What is the value this partnership offers to SiliconExpert customers? 

Amanda: We offer our customers all the functionalities of Arena and the added ability to view SiliconExpert within Arena PLM . Customers also gain critical visibility into component details across their entire product line with searches of supported electronic component databases within Arena.

Arena: How do you see the relationship evolving moving forward? 

Amanda: Our customers are always asking us if we integrate with their PLM, in the case of Arena, not only do we integrate but we provide a platform for this integration and allow our mutual customers to benefit from both tools in one location.

Arena: How do an OEM’s engineers, operation managers and executives benefit from the SiliconExpert/Arena relationship?

Amanda: This is a great question because it highlights exactly why having one easy to use interface across the engineers, operation managers and executives is beneficial. It is a one stop shop that meets everyone’s needs. The integration allows for an executive to see “sound bites” of what level of risk is associated with a product list, while an engineer who needs to solve an issue like a sole-sourced part can drill down and look at part replacements and cross-references.  The user interface really allows you to see overarching data as well as the details that matter to whatever user is viewing the data.

Arena: Final thoughts?

Amanda: The partnership between Arena and SiliconExpert makes great sense and could really change the way OEMs do business. Anyone who’s spent time searching for component information will appreciate the time saving benefits of this integration. Having this key information in one place – within Arena — will save hours of manual search operations.

Want to Learn More?

For those who want to learn more about the value of this partnership, we have a recording available on demand. Arena’ Product Manager Paul Welch and SiliconExpert’s Co-Founder Roya Ansari highlight the partnership between Arena and SiliconExpert.

In this webinar, you will learn the benefits of having direct access to critical component information in Arena PLM by leveraging SiliconExpert’s powerful component database of over 250 million components from over 12,000 manufacturers.