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The Manufacturing Mandate has a plan to jumpstart growth

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The revitalization of U.S. manufacturing is a top concern for the Association for Manufacturing Technology (AMT), which is proposing a “comprehensive national strategy” to help jumpstart U.S. economic growth. Dubbed the Manufacturing Mandate, this strategy has six principles:

  1. Provide incentives and funding for innovation and research in new products and manufacturing technologies;

  2. Assure the availability of capital to qualified manufacturers;

  3. Enhance global competitiveness by improving U.S. export control policies;

  4. Minimize structural costs by providing tax breaks to manufacturers and encouraging them to invest in new technology;

  5. Promote stronger collaboration between government, industry and academia;

  6. Build a better educated and trained “smartforce” to help implement these changes.

To learn more about the AMT’s Manufacturing Mandate, read the press release on

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