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Ann McGuire

Ann McGuire is a Product Marketing Manager at Arena Solutions. She has held consulting, sales, and marketing positions in the PLM industry over the past 25 years. Prior to working in PLM, Ann was an engineer in the semiconductor acquisition and test group for a major computer company.

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Delivering Significant Business Value: Plan and Implement

In the previous blog post, we targeted processes and established metrics. Now, let’s plan and implement the new and improved business process. Taking these steps will improve your negotiations on your next review or interview.“This is your time.” Herb Brooks, Coach of the 1980 USA “Miracle” Hockey...

Dec. 1, 2014

Delivering Significant Business Value

As Engineering Document Control Manager, you keep information flowing. You make sure everyone is getting accurate documentation when they need it. You ensure that ECOs are signed off and related systems are updated. When all systems operate smoothly, few notice your department. As a...

Nov. 14, 2014