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Arena PartSaver and Jameco Electronics make component shopping simple

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Announcing Partsaver and Jameco

Our early Arena PartSaver adopters asked us to support Jameco Electronics, and we heard you!

We’re excited to announce that Arena PartSaver now supports the Jameco Electronics website, making it easier than ever to collect electronic components for your BOMs like semiconductors, passives, interconnects, electromechanical equipment and power supplies.

To learn more about how the partnership between Jameco and Arena can help engineers shopping for components, I talked with Arena product manager Kathy Davies. With a background in engineering, Kathy understands the hassles of organizing part data, and developed Arena PartSaver to make part gathering easy.

Alyssa: What is Arena PartSaver?

Kathy: Arena PartSaver is a free bookmarklet that helps you build a parts list quickly by capturing part data—including information on the manufacturer, manufacturing part number, cost, quantity and data sheet URLs—from distributor websites and saving it to a Google doc.

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Arena PartSaver eliminates the need for copy and paste, helps you avoid typos that can really throw off your comparison-shopping and makes it easier to edit, revise and share your parts list whenever you want.

Alyssa: Why are you so excited to have Arena PartSaver on the Jameco website?

Kathy: Jameco and Arena are a great fit because we both provide services to businesses of varying sizes—from individual inventors to small and mid-size manufacturing companies. Jameco has over 50,000 components available online, so chances are good that our users can find the part they need—quickly and easily.

Alyssa: Does Arena PartSaver support other electrical part distributors in addition to Jameco?

Kathy: Yes. You can currently use Arena PartSaver to gather product data on 13 different distributor websites. The number of distributors who support the application is continuing to grow, but for now supported sites include:

partsaver comp

Alyssa: What’s next for Arena PartSaver?

Kathy: We will continue to improve Arena PartSaver and will add new functionality based on customer feedback, and how people are using the application.

If you’d like to help us improve our applications, or have any questions about Arena PartSaver, send us some feedback. We’d love to hear from you.

Alyssa: How can I stay informed about future PartSaver updates?

Kathy: It’s easy to stay in the loop and help steer the future developments of Arena PartSaver—just visit the PartSaver website to sign up.  You can also visit Jameco to start using Arena PartSaver to shop for parts.

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