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Keep Good Employees from Doing Bad Things

Keep Good Employees from Doing Bad ThingsWhen it comes to protecting valuable IP from theft, most manufacturing companies are focused on building a stronger fortress to prevent outside attacks. But the greatest threat to a security breach comes from inside the company.

Scary, huh?

Remember when the babysitter in the terrifying film “When a Stranger Calls” realizes the creepy “Check the baby” phone calls are from inside the house? For CEOs, it’s knowing a threat to their precious IP lurks within the corporate walls that keeps them up at night.

But here’s an interesting fact: security researchers have discovered that only 24 percent of internal breaches are malicious, while 76 percent are due to a lack of awareness, gap in technical and security skills, or an unwitting lapse of judgment or accident.

To deal with internal security breaches and keep employees from doing bad things, Arena recently added a privilege control feature to our BOMControl software that allows companies to define the access privileges of employees to critical information.

The Advanced User Privileges feature allows account administrators to restrict employee and partner access to valuable or sensitive files and items — as well as requests and changes — based on three common scenarios:

  • Restrict users from viewing potentially sensitive information, such as files containing IP information, etc.
  • Restrict users from viewing specific items; for example, while certain users may have access to a product BOM, they may not have visibility into specific items within that BOM.
  • Isolate access to data between functional groups; for example, Administrators can grant access to employees outside of Engineering (HR, Marketing, Sales, etc.) and tailor their access so they only see items and files relevant to their specific roles — allowing for independent, streamlined workflow processes all while protecting your valuable IP.

Advanced User Privileges

Despite statistics that prove security attacks are up at an alarming rate, the solution to protecting IP is surprisingly easy: stop breaches before they happen by controlling employee access to critical and sensitive information.

Has your company been the victim of security breaches?