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Is Cloud PLM A Market Evolution or Revolution?

Man in the SpotlightA new technology spotlight by IDC Manufacturing Insights titled “Cloud PLM: Market Evolution or Revolution?” examines the benefits of product lifecycle management (PLM) in a cloud architecture, as well as the role of Arena in this strategically important market.

This Technology Spotlight puts forth several reasons why product development companies should move to the next generation of PLM. They are as follows:

  • Product complexity, driven by the IoT and connected products
  • Global expansion and competition
  • Ease of collaboration among all stakeholders (from ideation and prototype to manufacturing through end-of-life)
  • Mass customization and personalization of products
  • Supply chain collaboration to all suppliers and partners
  • Increase in the amount of data that can fuel innovation
  • Integration between product data and quality

The Technology Spotlight asserts that product companies of all sizes and in all verticals are rethinking their PLM deployment approach due to the emergence of increased electronics complexity on many levels. The need to accelerate time to market has never been greater.

As these companies ponder their processes they are coming to their own conclusion that cloud-based PLM solutions make good business sense.

According to the Technology Spotlight, two big drivers for cloud PLM are the need for a superior collaboration and quality solution. Let’s look at each.

Collaboration Solution

Manufacturers want the ability to manage design review, supplier collaboration, compliance, and validation of both mechatronic assemblies and software. This IDC Insights document reveals how a cloud deployment can enable easier collaboration and project management across the supply chain because relevant product data and processes are readily visible and available at a centralized location.

To help companies improve their collaboration strategies, Arena offers several collaboration solutions:

Arena Scribe—a unique and easy to use next-generation collaboration solution that aggregates a product’s complete history. It provides the entire product supply chain a digital slate to socialize, record, and share all tribal knowledge.

Arena Exchange—a safe and easy solution that allows manufacturers a snapshot in time of the product record and ad hoc collaborations with their extended supply chain on build packages and quality information.

Supplier Collaboration—Role-based licensing for trusted partners to collaborate during new product development and introduction.

Importance of Quality Solution

According to IDC Manufacturing Insights’ research, quality is moving to the cloud “because achieving exceptional product quality requires organizations to have openness and speed in their quality processes. If a product has a quality issue, organizations want it surfaced and acted upon as quickly as possible, whether via a customer, a partner, an engineering manager, or a service technician.”

To meet the quality needs of modern companies, Arena provides a comprehensive all-in-one quality management solution to answer the rigors of compliance, avoid costly mistakes, and maximize competitive advantage. Cross-functional teams, including supply chain partners, can see quality actions, participate in resolving issues quickly, and see the quality history. With Arena, customers don’t have to buy Band-Aids to bandage together their disparate, disconnected, third party solution integrations to keep severe product errors — not just little booboos — from happening.

Arena invented cloud PLM and has expanded its solutions to include product-centric quality management systems (QMS) software. Arena has over 1,400 global customers and continues to expand the solution to help address the ever-increasing regulatory compliance requirements.

So, is cloud PLM a revolution or an evolution? Download this IDC Manufacturing Insights Technology Spotlight and decide for yourself.