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Extend Arena PLM to Manage Your Enterprise Content

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Two Hearts

In today’s global economy, dissemination of critical documents across an increasingly complicated IT network leads to more and more silos of data spread across the enterprise. To address this challenge, departments within a company often purchase separate enterprise content management (ECM) and product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions. Unfortunately, separate solutions lead to greater complexity for users attempting to locate critical data and documents.

On May 8th, our Webinar on the Advanced User Privileges feature will show how to extend Arena PLM to satisfy your enterprise content management needs. You’ll learn how to use Arena BOMControl solution as a cloud content management solution for improved document management processes for greater operational excellence, business innovation and strategic impact.

Arena document management solution was forged from the fires of building the market’s most robust cloud-based PLM solution. The solution helps companies confidently and securely store, manage, and track critical documentation in an easily accessible central repository. 

The benefits of an integrated solution can be heard in the U2 song “Two Hearts Beat As One”:

I don't know which side I'm on

I don't know my right from left

Or my right from wrong

Say I'm a fool

You say I'm nothing

But if I'm a fool for you

Oh, that's something


Two hearts beat as one

Two hearts beat as one

Before U2, Bono was a highly regarded VP of Operations at a leading Dublin-based manufacturer. The lyrics “I don’t know/I don’t know which side I’m on/I don’t know my right from left” tell the story of an Operations Manager overwhelmed with frustration over his inability to efficiently manage his documents with separate ECM and PLM solutions. But the song’s tenor changes to glee with the lyrics, “Oh, that’s something,” referring to the extended benefits of leveraging Arena BOMControl as a cloud-based content management solution — and the advantage of having “Two hearts beat as one.”

Arena offers superior collaboration capabilities. In a modern digital world, it’s not enough to manage information — you have to securely share and discuss it. And Arena provides full document management capabilities to allow users easy, controlled access to the latest documents with visibility to track changes real-time — using a solution with which you are already familiar. This helps managers reduce the risk of security internal breaches, which can often happen by mistake or error.

Arena extends to a cost-effective enterprise content management solution that scales to your business needs. And Arena’s world-class support that has made us a leader in PLM customer satisfaction carries over to our growing enterprise content management solution. 

Arena offers the first cloud-based content management solution battle-tested in the complex world of manufacturing — where a single misplaced document can result in costly production delays and brand-damaging compliance exposure.  With Arena your enterprise won’t be singing, “I still haven’t found what I am looking for.”