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PLM on the Go

Woman Reviewing PLM on her Smartphone

Did you know? You can use Arena Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Quality Management System (QMS) applications on your phone or tablet!

In today’s global economy and virtual workplace, product teams are no longer tied to a single office. Your product development processes shouldn’t be either.

While the complexities of bill of materials (BOM) management, quality management, and engineering change management are typically better suited by viewing a full-screen on a laptop or desktop, there are many cases where accessing PLM and QMS information via a tablet or cell phone is perfectly suited to make decisions when you can’t be at your desk.

Whether you are reviewing, approving, or releasing items, changes, issues, or projects—Arena’s secure cloud-based solutions are easy to access while you’re remote or in transit. Secure and controlled, role-based access enables you, your product teams, and supply chain partners to streamline critical collaboration and speed innovation to get your products delivered to market fast.

Because of Arena’s commitment to access, support, and software validation best practices—we also design Arena’s software solutions to work with the latest available web browsers so you can access Arena anytime and anywhere.

To see how cloud-based PLM and QMS solutions can simplify product work on the go, download our free BOM and engineering change order templates.