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Find your winning outsourcing strategy with Arena’s Manufacturing Outsourcing eBook

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If you make a hardware product, chances are good that you outsource. In fact, roughly 53% of manufacturing companies outsource—that's more than companies in any other sector including IT services (43%), R&D (38%) and Distribution (26%).   

But determining the best outsourcing strategy for your business can be tough, and one bad decision can mean the difference between reaching your next level of growth and closing up shop. So to help you outsource with confidence, we put together our latest eBook on manufacturing outsourcing best practices.

In our eBook, you’ll find answers to questions like:

How much of my production process should I outsource?

What is the best way for me to lower supply chain costs?

Can I optimize my production for multiple product lines?

Should I move my manufacturing closer to customers?

Download Arena’s latest eBook on Manufacturing Outsourcing best practices now.