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Analyst Report Ranks Arena As Top PLM Provider

Arena As Top PLM Provider “When thinking product lifecycle management (PLM) software in the high-tech electronics industry, Arena should be at the top of the list of solutions worth considering,” writes Technology Evaluation Center’s PJ Jakovjevic in a report titled “Arena: Carving out a High-tech Cloud PLM Software Niche.”

The report puts Arena ahead of any competitors. Think of Arena as the Secretariat of PLM solutions. Where this one-in-a-million award winning horse had a heart twice the size of normal horses that helped power it to victory, at the core of Arena’s all-in-one platform is a BOM management solution that enables superior product record management — that powers the rest of Arena’s robust functionality. 

Jakovjevic goes on to say, “Arena is a market leader and pioneer in pure cloud PLM software, and things have only been getting better and better for the company and its customers. Q4 2016 was the best quarter in Arena’s 17-year history, and through continual innovation, including multiple cloud software releases and 10 new products in the last 2 years, Arena doesn’t seem to be slowing down its PLM progress.”

The editorial ambition of this blog is to provide tips, tricks and best practices for any manufacturer using any PLM system anywhere. So, if this blog seems distastefully promotional I must remind you dear reader that I am merely quoting a report from an author quite erudite and deeply steeped in the dissection of product development platforms.

While this report is pro Arena — more importantly it’s pro PLM. Historically speaking, identifying the total financial benefit from a product lifecycle management (PLM) solution is not as obvious as it is within an ERP system. Nor is it as straight-forward due in large measure to it effecting so many disparate cross-functional units.

But that may all soon be in the past. To win in this modern manufacturing economy requires new champions with a bold, broader appreciation of the organization. And with that, the business value of PLM is beginning to get the respect it deserves as more manufacturing executives are taking a deeper look.

Ongoing global market challenges make Arena’s product development platform very relevant as competition now comes from all directions from start-ups to large global enterprises.

How Specifically Can Arena PLM Help?

Certainly the report is correct that every product company needs to manage various aspects of its product design to get new products to market. And Jakovjevic makes a good point that today, designing and releasing an electronic-focused product requires a lot of moving parts with a partial list that includes the following: printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) design along with the mechanical design, packaging design, firmware, software, and associated documents (manuals) and assembly instructions. With Arena’s product development platform, a complete product assembly can be crafted and delivered as a single package to the supply chain.

“Arena stands out as a multi-tenant enterprise application from the ground up, with no coding needed inside the product by the customer,” the report states. “Because of the application design, Arena PLM is implementation-ready, with implementation normally taking just a few months and little consulting support needed. Arena is definitely a solution worth considering for companies with product development platform needs that embrace PLM, ALM, and QMS.”

Dear readers, you have my steadfast commitment that next week I’ll return to that bastion of objectivity you’ve come to know from my blogs.

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