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Arena Solutions Introduces Advanced File Management

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Foster City, Calif., Apr 22 - Arena Solutions, Inc. (formerly, the leading provider of online Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions, today announced expanded functionality for Arena PLM with the introduction of a new Advanced File Management module. Advanced File Management provides enhanced capabilities for managing changes to product-related documents and other intellectual assets - including CAD and EDA files, design documents, test results, business processes and more - along with the product definition in Arena PLM. By linking this enterprise data to product information, Arena PLM delivers a higher level of business intelligence that helps OEMs compete more effectively.

Along with the release of the Advanced File Management module, Arena announced its strategy to integrate Product Data Management (PDM) tools into Arena PLM through the development of a new series of integration adapters. This integration means greater efficiencies for engineering teams, improved availability of current design data, and better organizational efficiency and accountability. For OEMs in industries designing products with significant mechanical content, such as automotive, industrial equipment, and aerospace, Arena’s new functionality will prove particularly helpful.

The first of Arena’s new integration adapters, Arena’s PDMWorks™ Integration Adapter, will allow integration of SolidWorks files in PDMWorks™ with product definition data in Arena PLM. Engineering teams will be able to manage SolidWorks drawings and part and assembly files in their PDMWorks™ vault, while managing corresponding released distribution files (e.g., PDF or eDrawing) in Arena PLM. In addition, access to SolidWorks part files by groups outside of engineering, including the supply chain, can be provided and controlled by Arena PLM. Arena is also planning similar integrations with other PDM and geometry vaulting systems.

“Arena Solutions is the first PLM vendor to combine sophisticated file management with product definition functionality,” said Michael Topolovac, CEO of Arena Solutions. “With Advanced File Management, our customers gain both more sophisticated file management capabilities and the ability to integrate into the product definition record files authored or controlled in other enterprise applications, such as PDM vaults.”

Advanced File Management is a natural extension of the core functionality in Arena PLM, and is a key component of Arena’s strategy to integrate its PLM solution with MCAD and PDM systems, such as SolidWorks PDMWorks™. Unlike PDM systems that are used during the design phase, Advanced File Management handles documents that are released to manufacturing and used with outside suppliers and outsourcing partners. By bridging the gap between engineering and the rest of the organization, Advanced File Management facilitates collaboration around changes across the extended product team.

Without a file management system, intellectual assets are frequently managed in an ad-hoc fashion, using multiple electronic copies, paper copies or simply informal corporate knowledge. This environment often leads to a chaotic change management process where confusion over version-related issues can cause costly mistakes. As the primary system of record for product information, Arena PLM is uniquely positioned to manage these intellectual assets along with the product definition. This provides a more complete product record that is stored in a secure, central online repository and can be accessed by geographically distributed product teams - regardless of location or IT infrastructure. In particular, OEMs in regulated industries, such as aerospace, automotive, industrial equipment, medical or any manufacturer with extensive mechanical design requirements or complex document management needs can benefit substantially from Advanced File Management.

The Advanced File Management module provides a centralized environment for managing product-related files around which the entire team can collaborate. It utilizes Arena PLM’s web-native, industry-standard security infrastructure to store and manage any type of file, including documents, CAD drawings, redlines and other markups, software, and image files. Its powerful new features include:

  • Check-in/check-out capability. Users can check out files, make modifications, and check files back into the Advanced File Management vault. When a file is checked-out, others cannot alter it, which ensures that changes are strictly controlled and work among team members isn’t duplicated. The repository stores a complete history of files over time, called “editions,” providing an important audit trail for manufacturers in regulated industries.
  • Intelligent file associations. With Advanced File Management, users are able to associate a single file to many objects. This helps ensure that the right files are used with items or assemblies stored in Arena PLM, promotes re-use of standard documents, contributes to the ongoing refinement of corporate best practices and facilitates compliance with quality standards and regulatory requirements.
  • Distribution file repository. Advanced File Management serves as the repository for the distribution and markup files used for engineering change requests (ECRs), issue tracking, and other early stage change processes.
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