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Arena grows new business 19% in 2011

In addition to 2011’s strong subscription and renewal numbers, Arena fulfilled its commitment to expand the company by building out its software, infrastructure and partner community. One notable development was the launch of PDXViewer—a free, cloud-based app for viewing PDX files from any PLM or PDM system. PDXViewer displays PDX build packages from any PLM system, and makes BOM data available to a much wider audience.

According to Steve Chalgren, vice president of product management and strategy, “PDXViewer presents BOM data in an easily navigable format that keeps the context of the BOM and includes all of the peripheral information like AML and AVL. Because so many business systems are configured with a PDX output option, we are attracting a wide, varied audience with this new product, and the response has been enthusiastic. As we continue to develop new features for PDXViewer that will set it apart from other viewers out there, we expect this to continue.”

Also in Q4, Arena surpassed its 99.5% service level agreement with 100% scheduled uptime in Q4 2011 and a continued focus on delivering the most secure and reliable collaborative BOM and change management solution available.

As always, Arena attracted a variety of innovative new customers from multiple industries, including high-tech electronics, clean technology, consumer products, medical device manufacturing and more. New subscribers included:

  • Cambium Networks—a provider of professional grade fixed wireless broadband and microwave solutions for global data, voice and video connectivity.

  • Ubiquiti Networks—a designer and manufacturer of disruptive technology platforms for emerging markets.

  • Meteorcomm—a wireless telecommunications company that provides the equipment and services to track, monitor and control assets for the railroad industry.

  • TrueNorth Avionics—a world-class communications company that specializes in developing integrated, lifestyle-in-the-sky solutions for large-cabin premium aircraft.

  • Monster—a producer of high performance headphones including Beats by Dr. Dre.

  • Soberlink, Inc.—the creator of a patent pending medical device that remotely monitors a person's blood alcohol level and wirelessly transmits a sobriety report to a web-based monitoring portal.

  • Quadlogic Controls Corporation—developer of a patented power line communications technology and a provider of tenant electric billing services.

  • Taqua—a provider of next generation telecommunication systems and applications including convergence switching, IP peering and small cell deployment solutions.

  • AccuVein—a medical imaging company with a breakthrough product that can improve venipuncture procedures by allowing health care professionals to see a map of peripheral veins on the skin’s surface.

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