Arena Watermarking

Confidently use correct documents with dynamic, context-aware watermarks.



Secure your documents with configurable, context-aware watermarks that automatically apply with a single click. These watermarks help users instantly verify they are working with the current and correct version of the document, ensuring accuracy and compliance in every task.

Streamline Complex Product Processes



Audit Support
  • Secure and traceable documentation
  • Controls file access through Arena access policies
  • Provides dynamic content
  • Controls which users can print with or without watermarking
Improves Yields
  • Operators quickly confirm they use the correct document to ensure the assembly, inspection, and test instructions are in sync with the product revision
  • Eliminates the need for manual rework
Supports Your Processes
  • Automatically applies watermark based on configured templates for file categories for current and past files linked to items
  • Apply context-aware watermarks including item attributes (e.g., revision and lifecycle status), change attributes (e.g., change category and effective date), and print information (e.g., opened by and open time)
  • Does not require third-party tools or any additional steps
Reduce FDA, MDR, and ISO Compliance Risk
  • Supports audit processes by overlaying required identifying information on the document for reference
  • Watermarks log the date and user details each time a document is accessed, enhancing traceability for compliance audits.

Watermark your Documents Today

Be confident in your documents with Arena Watermarking. To get started, contact [email protected].


Watermarking protects your sensitive documents from unauthorized use and alteration by indicating ownership, authenticity, and status.

No Code

Learn how to configure watermarks quickly and easily using templates. While creating or editing the template, a live preview provides immediate feedback on how each watermark will appear on your documents. This feature enhances usability and accuracy, making it easy for Arena admins to master watermark configuration in just a few minutes.


Supports PDF, DOC, and DOCX file formats to meet your watermark policies for standard operating procedures, instructions, and drawings.