Secure Product Collaboration for Your Teams



Arena provides one place to manage your product development and quality processes. With Arena Scribe, your team can discuss the product during the in-between spaces of formal processes. Team members can begin Scribe collaboration discussions on the product record and invite others to participate. Through a chat interface, dispersed teams can discuss concerns and then document decisions. Email and dashboard alerts keep hot topics visible. And partners can participate in comments that are made public, leveraging the entire team to solve problems and create better products, faster.

Graphic-Scribe dashboard alerts illustration



Enables Continuous Improvement
  • Creates a single place for ideas and solutions, connected directly to the product
  • Provides control over what discussions and comments suppliers may access
  • Leverages familiarity with social media to eliminate need for training
Improves Team Efficiency
  • Accelerates consensus on development and quality issues
  • Eliminates disconnected discussions from the product record (e.g., email); instead ensures teams can collaborate anywhere and anytime
  • Enables proactive, cross-functional knowledge-sharing by following products
Reduces Avoidable Costs
  • Enables streamlined collaboration to drive better decisions
  • Reduces communication errors that lead to scrap and rework costs
  • Records the collaboration history in-context with the product record to capture all product enhancements and collapse product development cycles


Arena Scribe provides a modern space for the informal daily product discussions you need to continually innovate. Leveraging Scribe’s familiar social chat solution connected to the product development and quality processes, your team will be more engaged and proactive. Now, you can build better products faster while reducing costs. Don’t wait any longer. Start using Arena Scribe today.

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Take Back the Day

Fewer calls. Less email. More happiness. Your team will be more connected and productive with product discussions as they happen—all in an easy-to-follow flow. That visibility includes seeing who is and isn’t following the discussion. Recapture time spent copying and pasting email threads and determining your team’s meeting availability just to have a quick discussion.

Go to the Same Place

With your product and quality records in Arena, you manage your formal change processes, new product projects, quality actions, and more. Why wouldn’t you want the informal, yet critical, discussions on products to happen there, too? Team members can create new Scribe conversations on almost any Arena record—Items, Changes, Requests, Supplier Items, Projects, Quality, Files—and invite other team members to participate in the discussion. No need to constantly reference an assembly or corrective action in email. Your team will always know the latest status of the product being discussed. They can review entire discussions and conclusions in one place.

Expand the Discussion

Easily invite your design and manufacturing partners into your conversations—without worrying about time zones, contact information, or privileges. When you make comments public, Scribe accesses the existing permission settings in Arena. If the supplier has permission access to a given record, then the supplier can view all public comments in the Scribe discussion around that product.

Gain Continuity

Provides an informal team discussion and decision trail, connected to your product design record. Now you can ramp new team members faster for minimal loss in productivity and continuity. New members invited to Scribe conversations see the entire discussion history and can jump right into the work.