What is a Supplier Corrective Action Request (SCAR)?

Supplier Corrective Action Request Definition

A supplier corrective action request, or SCAR is a formal request given to a supplier that they correct a problem and explain to you exactly how they will do so. The problem may stem from a nonconformity related to the quality of its product or service. The requesting organization may also ask the supplier to follow an eight disciplines (8D) approach to discover the root cause, contain the problem, fix the issue, and identify further actions to prevent future issues.


What is a supplier corrective action report?

The supplier corrective action report (SCAR) is a document that outlines problems or defects that have been found on parts delivered by a supplier, The SCAR is given to the supplier so that they can address the root cause of the issue and prevent its reoccurrence.

*Source: https://qmsgurus.com

What is a corrective action example?

An example of a supplier corrective action is to update the inspection work instruction to include an additional step for reviewing each outgoing part for incorrect labeling.

How do you fill out a supplier corrective action report?

The SCAR typically includes the following information:

  • Order number
  • Part number
  • Quantity received
  • Quantity rejected/identified with an issue
  • Date of delivery
  • Disposition (e.g., rework, scrap)
  • Identified issue (completed by supplier)
  • Root cause evidence (completed by supplier)
  • Corrective action (completed by supplier)
  • Closing actions

*Source: https://qmsgurus.com

What is quality scar?

SCAR content is being added. Stay tuned.


An engineering change request (ECR) form is used to describe a suggested enhancement or fix to a product design. A supplier corrective action request (SCAR) is a change request describing something that is wrong with a part, process, or component from a supplier.

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