What is Redline?

Redline Definition

Redline, as it pertains to bills of materials (BOMs), is the process of marking or annotating a BOM document to indicate changes or revisions to the original version. This is commonly accomplished with a red pen or highlighter, hence the term “”redline.””

During the design or engineering phase of a product, when the BOM is frequently modified as new information and feedback become available, the redline process is frequently employed. Redlining enables engineers or designers to communicate these changes clearly and concisely to other stakeholders, such as manufacturers or suppliers.

Redlining typically entails annotating the original BOM with symbols or text to indicate where modifications have been made, such as the addition or deletion of components, the modification of part numbers, or a change to specifications. Notes or comments may be added to explain the reason for the change or to call attention to areas requiring additional review or discussion.

The redline process is an integral part of BOM management, as it ensures that all stakeholders are aware of any changes or revisions made to the BOM and can take the necessary steps to implement them. It also assists in enhancing communication and collaboration between the various teams and departments involved in the product development process.

Best Practices for BOM Management

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