What is an Engineering Bill of Materials (EBOM)?

Engineering Bill of Materials Definition

The engineering bill of materials (EBOM) reflects the “as designed” assembly for a given product. It contains the list of items, parts, components, subassemblies, and assemblies in the product designed by engineering. EBOMs are typically created by engineers using computer-aided design (CAD) or electronic design automation (EDA) software solutions.

What is a Engineering Bill of Materials


What is the purpose of an engineering bill of materials?

An engineering BOM ensures that all the necessary items, parts, components, subassemblies, and assemblies are captured in the engineering design so that the final product can be built correctly without incorrect costs, production delays, unncessary revision cycles, and other issues.

*Source: https://www.techtarget.com

What is included in a bill of materials?

Part Number, Part Name, Phase, Description, Quantity, Unit of Measure, Procurement Type, Reference Designators, and BOM Notes are all included in the BOM.

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Choosing the Right BOM Software

Companies need BOM management software to help ensure the most current product revisions are seen by all product team members. Learn how to select the right BOM management tool for your company.