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The easiest way to filter and share build packages.

  • Instant on, cloud-based viewer requires no installation and works anywhere, anytime.
  • View parts, AVL and AML, and related files.
  • Filter information to distribute a new PDX to your supply chain for error-free handoffs. Learn more
  • View a top-level assembly or drill down to components and subassemblies.

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What is a PDX?—the easiest way to share detailed BOMs, build packages, and quote packages with your supply chain.

The PDX File Standard

Product data eXchange (PDX) is an international electronics manufacturing initiative (iNEMI) standard, and is the industry standard for file sharing in manufacturing.

PDX is commonly used throughout design and supply chains to capture and share associated approved manufacturing lists (AMLs), change history and design files in a single package.

PDX files let manufacturers zip and send detailed BOM, prints, specs, other files, a traveler/router, and/or a message explaining what has been sent to anyone, anywhere on the planet.

Using PDX files

Both original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and contract manufacturers (CMs) use PDX files to exchange complex product data between PLM and ERP systems throughout the manufacturing process.

On the OEM side, operations, document control, purchasing and supply chain managers use PDX files to cleanly exchange read-only data with suppliers. On the contract manufacturer side, program managers create and view PDX files for unequivocal and unambiguosly clean hand-offs provided by the format.

Using the PDX File Standard

PDX files take seconds to create, and are the cleanest and most secure way for OEMs and suppliers to share build kits, BOM data and quote packages.

PDX files eliminate time-consuming and error-prone manual production kits, and provide a way to filter irrelevant or company-confidential information out of production packages.

Creating a PDX

To create a PDX file, you need a system that uses the PDX 1.0 Standard. (Many business systems are configured with a PDX output option from the system.)

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When it comes to streamlining manufacturing processes, OEMs know their Supply Chain’s primary point of contacts have their own supply chain (Tier II) contacts that must be involved in all approval processes as well. When a CM needs to review and approve a change order, they often need input from a colleague or supply chain contact who, inturn, needs input from their contact – and so on.

PDX Viewer "Levels the Playing Field"

Shirish Joshi - VP Operations - Pluribus

Jeff Sinn - Manager of Doc Control - Pluribus